The 6 Types of Dating Methods

Dating can be scary because people think it always leads to a serious relationship, but that is not always the case. You can find the right kind of dating style for you if you know what types there are. While there are a large number of dating methods, here are the top 5 most common dating methods you should know.


Online Dating

Online dating is a very common dating method that people use today because the technology is so available to us. A lot of young people use online dating instead of going out to meet new people because they can just use their computers or phones. You can go to adult dating sites, set up your profile then start matching with people right away. This is a great method for people who want hook ups, but people who might be looking for “the one” can try out online dating too.

Casual Dating

Casual dating can be done through meeting people in real life or online dating, but the main idea is that you date more than one person at once. Typically you would not be serious with the people you are dating if it is casual. People often do this if they are unsure about their prospects and want to explore their options. This can also include just being friends with benefits with other people.

Double Dating

While this is not necessarily an authentic dating tip, many couples like to do this. Double dating is when a couple goes on dates with other couples. Typically older couples often do this together and it is almost like hanging out. An older couple might have a friend with a new relationship and they could also want to go on a double date.

Serious Dating

Of course, there are times that a person will only want to see one person and that is called serious dating. Often people do not say that 2 people are “seriously dating” so instead they will just say that they are in a relationship. This involves monogamy and commitment and if the relationship goes well, the couple can often end up married.

Speed Dating

Dating services or organizations often set up speed dates for singles who want to try meeting people. The setup for speed dating is simple – you talk to a person one-on-one for a few minutes then when the alarm rings, you move onto the next person. The idea of this is to see if you get a good impression of a few of the people. This helps you find suitable matches right away and is great for those who like to impress people.

Blind Dating

Blind dating is when two strangers get set up together to go on a date. Normally a mutual friend sets up the date because they think that you and their friend would get along. Blind dates can be a surprise or you can ask a family member or friend to set you up on one.

There are so many dating methods out there, so you do not have to stick to one dating style. You can try out the dating methods above to see which one suits your life the best.