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Affordable chlamydia treatment at £24.99 postage free. This is a safe and convenient way to get chlamydia treatment online with a single dose of the antibiotic azithromycin. Our online chlamydia treatment service is easy, secure and low cost at £24.99 per pack.

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Key Facts

Some people are not suitable for chlamydia treatment with azithromycin

These include:

  • Anyone under 18
  • Anyone with liver or kidney disease
  • Anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding

If you fall into any of the above categories you should see your GP. Alternatively you can visit us at our Harley Street clinic.

Order your chlamydia treatment online and have it delivered to your home or office with free delivery

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections. It is passed on through vaginal, anal, or oral sex. You can get chlamydia and experience no symptoms, but it can cause long term problems, such as reduced fertility, if it's not treated.

Azithromycin is an effective chlamydia treatment and is available online. Azithromycin is the most convenient chlamydia treatment as it involves taking just one dose of medication in one go.

Symptoms of chlamydia

In men chlamydia can cause a white/cloudy or watery discharge from the penis and a burning pain when you pass urine. In women is can cause bleeding between periods, pain during sex, or a vaginal discharge.

But for many men and women chlamydia causes no symptoms at all.

Treatment for chlamydia

Azithromycin is an effective chlamydia treatment. There are important details about this medicine you need to understand before you complete your medical assessment.


Azithromycin (Chlamydia Treatment)


1g of azithromycin as two 500mg tablets as a single dose.

Does it work?

Azithromycin is such an effective chlamydia treatment that you do not need to have a follow up test to make sure it has worked.

How long does it take to work?

Your chlamydia should be gone within a week. If your symptoms persist you need to test again.

When can I have sex again?

You and any partners should not have vaginal, anal, or oral sex, even with a condom, for one week after taking azithromycin.


Most people do not get any side-effects. Very occasionally azithromycin can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, or a skin rash.

A full list of side-effects can be found in the patient information leaflet and you can click on the pdf beneath to see this.



Alternatives to azithromycin

Doxycycline is another antibiotic that can be used to treat chlamydia. But you need to take it twice a day for a week to get rid of the infection.

Reducing the risk of passing on chlamydia

You should not have sex for one week after taking azithromycin for chlamydia. It is also important that anyone you have had sex with in the last three months is treated. Otherwise you risk passing on the infection or picking it up again.

Telling your GP

It's important that you keep your GP informed of any treatment that you are taking. During the medical assessment we ask you for the name and contact details of your GP. We can then keep your GP informed if you are happy for us to do so. If you don't want to tell us, that's fine. Please be assured that we will not contact your GP without your consent.